JCLA 57 final.jpg

57 jefferson avenue

This two-story house of the 1870s has bays on the east and south elevations featuring bell-cast mansard roofs, typical of the then-fashionable French Second Empire style.  It also had a number of  we-know-better-now “enhancements” that required extensive corrections when renovated in 2014/2015.  The whole building, to include a sun porch, had been stuccoed over,  the front porch was poured concrete with metal pipe rails, a metal staircase had been added to the rear of the building when it functioned as a rooming house, and two poorly conceived additions, framed with chicken wire, were added.  The renovation include the removal of the stucco, replacement of the sun porch windows that had been removed, replacement of the front porch with historically appropriate materials, and removal of the metal staircase and the faux additions.