Action for Children Creates a Welcoming Workspace

These times call for nonprofit organizations to adopt big, bold, game-changing solutions, and on the Jefferson Avenue Center campus, Action for Children is leading the way as one of the first local employers to join in The Columbus Commitment to support equity and fairness in the workplace. 

With a four-step initiative that incorporates living wages, paid parental leave, pay equity, and an enhanced leave donation policy, Action for Children's Eric Karolak is inspiring other CEOs to build the organizations we need to deliver results. 

The Jefferson Avenue Center has now added our name to the list of employers in the Columbus region making a formal commitment to the living wage initiative. Our staff is small and the impact to the economy will not be great, but if nonprofit organizations don’t lead the way in matters of social justice, who will?

Women in Columbus earn 78 cents to every dollar earned by a man. Learn more about how you can join Action for Children and the Columbus Women’s Commission to address the issue of the gender pay gap here.